Eliminate the need for a programming language and free the application developer to build robust business systems

Programming languages are useful for developing Operating Systems and utility software. Hundreds of programming languages have been developed since the 1950s, and none of them, except for COBOL, lend themselves to developing business applications as they tend to steer the programmer towards the bit-level and away from the business task at hand.

Even if a business-oriented language were available, it would represent yet another syntax that has to be learned. Programming itself is not a “science”; it’s more an “art form”. No two programmers will ever program the same way which means that the look-and-feel of the application will be slightly different depending on who created which parts.

Our goal was to eliminate the need for a programming language whatsoever. (Actually, this is not entirely new concept. Complex business systems were developed in the early part of the 20th Century without any programming language at all.)