Almost all application systems are written in low-level, third-generation languages (3GLs) such as PHP and C/C#. 3GLs have no intrinsic functionality to properly support building full-scale, multi-user database-“centric” applications. That is left to each developer. As a result, developers waste far too much time developing the support code. Worse yet, all that code needs to be maintained over the lifespan of the application.

While frameworks are available, they tend to be solely oriented to supporting the User Interface (UI). Missing are the features for data-centric business applications. As a result, developers are forced to develop most housekeeping software themselves.

What is needed is an applications development tool that addresses the common set of business requirements, freeing the developer to focus on the business logic. This is the role of a 4th Generation Language – a 4GL.

The FourGolfLima Project

The working title for this project is FourGolfLima, using the NATO phonetic alphabet: 4 + Golf + Lima

FourGolfLima Shopping List

Here are the features application developers need:

  • Zero Code
  • Role-based Security
    • Application sign-in with encrypted password support
    • Multi-level Menus based on the Role-Based Security model
  • Advanced Resource Locking
  • Automated User Interface
    • Themed Layout across entire Application
    • Automated Screen Layouts
    • Automated Buttons
  • Application (screen-to-screen) flow
  • Full Integration with SQL Server
  • Separation of Business Logic from Applications Logic
  • Reusable application components